• +91 8839085191

  • Address: 2nd floor Mahendra medi square, Bawadiya Kalan, Kala square, Bhopal (M.P)


  • 1999- 2004
    G.S.V.M – Kanpur


  • 2004-2005
    Nagar Nigam hospital Kanpur


  • 2005 – 2008
    G.M.C – Bhopal

    M.D. obstetrics and gynaecology

  • 2008 – 2011
    PGIMER – chandigarh

    Senior resident

  • 2011- 2012
    SAIMS – Indore

    Assistant professor ( obs and gynae)

  • Jan 2013-aug 2013
    SAIMS – Indore

    ICOG certificate course ( reproductive med)

  • sept 2013-sept 2016
    SAIMS – Indore

    Assistant professor reproductive medicine

  • sept 2016- decem 2016
    SAIMS – Indore

    Associate professor reproductive medicine

  • Jan17- aug17

    Worked as freelancer

  • August2017 – march 2021
    Bansal hospital Bhopal

    Consultant reproductive medicine and high risk pregnancy

  • May 21- present
    Bawadiya kala Bhopal

    Consultation chamber

  • Member- FOGSI

  • 1: Attended IAGE 2013, ACE 2013, ISAR 2013, RAGE 2014, URPS 2015, ISAR 2016
    2: Faculty of many workshops
    3: Teacher of FNB program at Bansal hospital

Dr. Pallavi Agrawal

Serving to the society ‘a dream’ which seemed to come to true when Dr Pallavi Agrawal selected in MBBS in 1999. Holding a very good rank she opted for Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi medical College in Kanpur and completed her MBBS in first attempt. She has joined internship in very busy hospital of Kanpur- hailet.

She got selected in first attempt for PG and opted obstetrics and gynecology again in very densely working hospital- Mahatma Gandhi medical College Bhopal. She was there from 2005-2008.

After postgraduation seeking more perfection and more knowledge and for academic interest she has joined PGI Chandigarh as senior resident from 2008 to 2011.

Bending towards her teaching experience she has joined aurobindo medical College Indore as assistant professor. to teach medical students various operative procedures and various newer technology.

Realising about infertility prevelence and problem in our society, she did a certificate course in fertility and laparoscopy. and joint arvindo medical College as assistant professor in reproductive medicine and subsequently she has been promoted to associate professor.

Seeking for ultimate IVF and laparoscopy good she has moved to Indore Bhopal and joint Bansal hospital as consultant in reproductive medicine and laparoscopy where she managed hide his cock sitics also.

Present doctor Pallavi is having a consultation chamber which is at the bawaria Kalan and consultation chamber is designed so that you retain your privacy with our motto is minimal waiting and complete care under one roof.

She Has various publications in various generals and she has been speaker to many conferences.

Part of many camps serving to the rural society.


Infertility and IVF – more than 8 years’ experience – starting with basic workup to all advanced procedure and investigations

Endoscopic surgery – more than 1500 of surgeries done including myomectomy and hysterctomy and all operative hysteroscopies

High risk pregnancy – managed many heart disease, diabetes, immune disorder in pregnancies besides routine growth retardation and oligohydramnios.

Gynaecology – more than 500 vaginal hysterectomy and NDVH

Normal delivery – if indicated and patient is willing I have experience in delivering previous lscs also. I have enough experience in painless delivery and instrumental delivery.

Teaching – besides for regular classes I have trained my postgraduates and fellows in oocyte retrieval, laparoscopies and instrumental vaginal deliveries.

I have helped them in thesis writing and paper presentation.


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